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Angel "Mercy" Ziegler
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{ Hello, you have reached the confidential voicemail of Doctor Angela Ziegler. Please leave a message after the tone. If this is an emergency, hang up and call- oh. I suppose that doesn't apply here. }
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Player Name: Azazel
Player Age: 19
Player Contact: [plurk.com profile] azazelbunny - [personal profile] azazelbunny Skype: thephantombloop (text only)
Characters Currently Played: None

Character Name: Angela Ziegler (Tag sign: Mercy)
Character Age: 34
Wiki Page: Mercy's Story
Canon: Overwatch
Entry Point From Canon: Before the Recall, a few years into her field medic days.
Media Type: Video Game

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Before being recruited by Overwatch, Mercy was Dr. Ziegler, head of surgery at a "prominent Swiss hospital". Canon simply states that she pioneered a breakthrough in the field of applied nanobiology, which drastically changed the way life-threatening injuries and illnesses could be approached. Canon never explains how, nor do they really go into detail on what the applied nanobiology entails, so translating her "abilities" out of game mechanics is largely speculation.

The Valkyrie First Responder (or simply Valkyrie) Suit is an extremely lightweight and flexible form of armor meant to protect the wearer in the field. Two wing-like structures extend from the back of the suit, propelled by some form of forward thrust and decorated with what I can only assume are hard light "feathers". These wings allow the wearer to propel themselves rapidly towards a target with a short burst of thrust, the hard light feathers allowing the wings to function as wind resistance for a slow deceleration or decent.

The Caduceus Staff was designed by Mercy to provide healing on the go. The staff uses nanobiotic technology to rapidly repair damaged tissue. Upon activation a yellow beam connects to a target and remains connected until deactivation or until the target breaks line of sight/exits the staff's range. It is important to note that broken bones and fatal injuries require much more than a staff to fix. Bullet wounds, bruises, and tissue damage in general can be patched up until proper treatment can be applied.

Mercy has one final "ability". Although Dr. Ziegler is probably deeply opposed to powering it up again, back in her homeworld is an off-the-grid lab that houses the Caduceus System. The system is designed to take those on the verge of death and suspend their organs in a state of half-life until they can be treated. The system's ability to "Resurrect" people is highly unpredictable and unreliable, and is far from an instant process. The machine can only suspend the body for a maximum of 60 days before the patient's body gives out, so treatment to a patient inside of the Caduceus System has to be rapid and constant.
(This is my way of explaining her in-game "Resurrection" ability which is solely designed as a game mechanic, but in reality would be a much darker and much more complex process. I think being able to straight up reanimate the dead probably wouldn't fly, so I've changed it to be only the critically endangered., and put the restriction that they must be brought back to Mercy's homeworld and secured in the machine before anything can even begin happening. Feel free to tell me how to further nerf the ability if needed, or if I need to just kind of. Nix it.)

Heroic/Villainous/Neutral: I would say Hero, considering her deep opposition to conflict and drive to make the world a better place. She walks a fine line with Villainy to be honest. I sincerely doubt she has any capacity to understand when the dead should stay dead, and the fact that even her suit is designed to look angelic tells me that she has some degree of god complex. I believe she considers herself a giver of life and an enemy of death itself, which lends itself to the danger of fanaticism. I don't have any specific plans to send her to the dark side, nor am I sure she's capable of being a "destroy humanity" type of villain, but we'll see how her story progresses.

Mentor/Journeyman/Rookie: Mercy probably believes her personal journey is over. In the sense that her motivations, goals, and method of achieving them are all firmly set, she is a Mentor. I think she has been for a very long time. Her MO hasn't changed since she lost her parents in the Omnic Crisis. It would take some serious life-shattering events to change that, but I am not opposed to those events taking place.

Which Area(s) Of The City Interest You For Your Character?
Given the setting of Overwatch and how similar The City of Tomorrow sounds to Numbani, I'd say Mercy would feel most at home there. As soon as she learns about St. Vidicon she's going to be looking for access to the lab and a possible position as either a professor of applied nanobiology or a student of medical sciences. Improving her effectiveness as a healer is important to her. It wouldn't surprise me if she developed new gadgets or brought knowledge of some of Overwatch's technology to the academy. It would also serve as a pretty strong pull for her to return to the city rather than stay in her homeworld.

The City of Shadows would look a lot like a place in need of a doctor's touch to Mercy. The Asylum and Cathedral would call to her specifically. Although it isn't a place she'd want to spend her free time in, Mercy would likely be an "on call" contact offering her services to the Asylum and Cathedral as needed. Although her training isn't in psychology, she'd still at least be able to hand out healing supplies or provide medical assistance in less than ideal environments.

Even more than the City of Shadows, Mercy would be all over the Outpost in the City of Adventure. It would be familiar territory to her, really. The point of canon I'm pulling her from has her traveling to war-torn lands as a field medic. Surgery in the middle of an untamed wilderness is exactly her jam. She'd likely split her time between the Outpost specifically and the City of Tomorrow, dipping into the City of Shadows only when she's called to service.

Log Post:
If there was one activity Angela Ziegler hated the most, it was adventuring. She herself was a big fan of exploration and discovery, but she was not a fan of the unprepared and overconfident fools that had to be dragged into her tent every day. Healing the victims of war and illness was one thing; healing the foolhardy was another. The man groaning in agony on her worktable was likely going to lose his arm today. A fate that could have been avoided had he chosen to wear any kind of armor before heading out into the unknown.

The Outpost had been kind enough to clear a space for her in exchange for her services. It wasn't the most sanitary setup, but she rarely had that luxury anyway. Her Caduceus staff hummed softly as she connected the beam to the blackening tissue and set the switch to lock. The man was completely delerious when he was brought in and hadn't been able to describe to anyone what kind of creature attacked him, but it was clearly venomous. All around the gash in his shoulder the skin was flaking away and turning black. Under the staff's beam, the process slowed significantly, but the damage done couldn't be reversed.

"Doctor Ziegler?" The flap of the tent rustled as someone poked their head in. The voice was familiar; one of the Outpost guards.
"Hm?" Angela didn't look up from the needle she was preparing. She'd have to try several anti-venoms until one of them worked.
"I don't suppose you have a moment? Someone here to see you."
"I have a moment, but he does not." She gestured towards her patient before spinning on her heel, needle at the ready. "Does this visitor have a moment?"
"Er, I dunno. Didn't really look like anything was wrong with her. Had an eyepatch though, might be something to do with that?"
Angela sighed. The man with the needle being driven into rotting, infected tissue screamed. Raising her voice to be heard over the din, Angela told the guard to bring the visitor in before turning to fill another needle. Eager to escape the grisly scene, he disappeared from view. A moment later the tent flap opened again.

"One moment please, I'll be with you shortly. If you need imme-" Angela gasped, eyes wide with disbelief. She felt herself tearing up and quickly clenched her teeth shut to hold back a sob. "Impossible."
"Amul 'iyh, Doctor Ziegler?"

Net Post:

[The camera flickers to life, the screen lighting up with Angela's smile. As always, she sports her Valkyrie suit, wings at rest and staff leaning on the wall behind her. She appears to be in a tent somewhere - a wooden table covered in cloth and several rickety shelves full of boxes can be seen behind her.]

Mercy on call! I am currently located in the Outpost, preparing for transit to the Innsmouth Asylum. I will be returning to my headquarters - er, in my world, that is - before I arrive. If you wish to place an order for a shipment of Biotic Fields, you have approximately 20 minutes to do so. Current supply allows for 20 orders of 3 cannisters each. Stay safe, stay healthy!

[The doctor reaches as if she intends to turn off the camera but pauses at the last second. Her face looks troubled for a moment.]

Additionally, I am requesting assistance from anyone versed in the sciences of cyberware implants, particularly optics. I can be reached anytime about this. Thank you.

[The screen goes dark abruptly just as the tent flap behind her opens.]


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